God Still Talks to Regular People

Have you ever struggled to know what God was saying to you? Are you growing weary of trying to figure out what He wants you to do?

Jesus said, ”My sheep will know My voice.”

If recognizing His voice is challenging for you, help is on the way! This incredibly practical and Biblically sound teaching will help you find His voice in the midst of all the clutter. He is speaking to you more often than you realize. Learn to recognize His voice.

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It’s Not Supposed to be Complicated

The goal of this simple work is to make the idea of hearing from God for yourselfsimple again. When you want to talk with anyone else, you simple do. If you have relationship with them, you have access to them and you can have a conversation. Through Christ, we have relationship with God and access to Him. Let’s dig into the truth and learn again the simple joy of having conversations with the One who loves us. If I am his adopted child it would be foolish for me to stand outside His room and ask Him to slip pictures under His door! He’s my Father now and He loves me. It’s time some of us learned to open His door, walk into His presence, and talk with Him.


About the Author

Walt Hill has been studying and teaching Biblical truth for over 25 years. He has served as lead pastor of four different congregations in addition to traveling nationally. His approach is down to earth and enables all believers, regardless of their church experience level, to apprehend and walk in the truth God has given us.